Helpful Resources For Budding Beauty Bloggers…

Helpful Resources For Beauty Blogging

Creating a blog & successfully maintaining it is both fun and incredibly rewarding, however as many of us know it can also be time consuming, challenging and surprisingly tough when encountering a few bumps along the way. Although I don’t consider myself to be a blogging expert by any stretch of the imagination, I have picked up a few hints and tips of my own that I’ve really enjoyed sharing along the way. Considering that I still regularly receive an abundance of emails from like-minded cosmetic cravers asking a range of blog-related questions, I thought it might be worthwhile compiling a post highlighting some of my most popular features for any budding beauty bloggers who might find them helpful, encouraging or just simply enjoy a quick flick through some blog related chatter….


Starting A Beauty Blog

Start a beauty blog

This post is specifically for anyone thinking of dipping their perfectly pedicured toe into the world of beauty blogging for the very first time, focusing on a few helpful hints & tips for the complete beginner.


A Beginners Guide To Creating The Perfect Theme For Your Beauty Blog

Creating a Theme for your Beauty Blog

Stuck on design , layout & theme features? Trust me, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s probably one of the most common queries I receive via email! This post covers a snappy low-down of picking a hassle free theme and tweaking it to suit your individual style & blogging needs… completely pain free, I promise!!


Keeping An Organised Blog

Keeping An Organised Blog

Family, friends, work, school, parenthood & life in general can be hectic enough to juggle (even for the most organised amongst us) however trying to combine all that with a busy blogging schedule can really accelerate pressure. Need a few pointers on getting organised? Then check out my tips on ‘Keeping An Organised Blog’.


Create Your Own Mini Photo Studio

Mini Photo Studio

Do you find yourself short of space or battling with sourcing creative backdrops? If so, check out my Mini Photo Studio tutorial that could help solve your problems when it comes to taking picture perfect product shots without rearranging your entire bedroom!


My Top 5 Basic Photography Tips For Beauty Blogging

Photography Tips For Beauty Bloggers

Being married to a photographer really does have its advantages gals! In this feature I share a few simple tips that have really helped enhance my own snap-happy skills. Maybe they’ll come in handy for you too?


Top Tips For A Healthy Blog


Dead stats, blogger’s block & feeling like all your hard work is reaping no rewards? Creating a pretty little corner of the interweb is one thing but maintaining it is a whole different venture. I’ve gathered a few pearls of blogging wisdom that has been a big help in keeping my blog as healthy as it can be… maybe a few of them might work out for you too?


Making Your Beauty Blog PR Friendly

Making Your Beauty Blog PR Friendly

Are you itching to collaborate with exciting new brands but not sure if your blog is totally PR friendly? Then check out my step-by-step tutorial on how to make your online haven as inviting as it can be for welcoming potential PR gurus & brand ambassadors. From creating effective contact pages to promoting your top posts with eye catching widgets… it’s all covered here.


Ten Tips On How To Banish Bloggers Block

Bloggers Block

One of the biggest stumbling blocks any budding blogger faces is the dreaded bloggers block. It happens to us all but how to overcome it, or better still dodge it completely? In this post I share a few tips that have really helped me avoid stumbling into a spiralling writing rut!


10 Things I’ve Learnt From Beauty Blogging

10 Things I've learnt From Beauty Blogging

After almost a year of blogging I reflect back on some of the lesson’s I’ve learnt from my online journey… can you relate to any of them?

So there you have it blog buddies, a few of my most popular posts on tackling some of the most common challenges & frustrations us beauty bloggers encounter. Remember, blogging should always be fun however it’s not uncommon to hit the occasional stumbling block – being able to positively overcome those challenges make it so incredibly valuable & such a satisfying feeling.

Do you have any hints, tips or suggestions you’d like to share? If so, we’d love to read them in the comments below… or if you’ve posted a helpful feature of your own please feel free to share the link so we can check it out too!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Cheerio chums…

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58 thoughts on “Helpful Resources For Budding Beauty Bloggers…

    • Awh, thank you V, I’m really glad you enjoy them so much – huge incentive to keep posting them reading comments like this. Hope you’re keeping well & have a lovely week ahead 🙂 XXX


    • Awwwh thank you so much Laura 🙂 such a lovely compliment huni!!! Such great advice, thankfully I haven’t had to deal with that as such yet but I definitely think taking a step back and recognising how much the positive outweighs the negative is so important! Rise above it & keep blogging is most certainly the best way to overcome the negativity 🙂 Awesome feedback huni, thanks so much for sharing XXXXX

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  1. I think it’s so great that you created a post of your brilliant blogging ideas and tips! I’ve loved all of these posts and I just bookmarked this one so I can refer back it. 😉 I still need to make my own little mini studio for pictures but that will probably wait till after I move and get settled. I believe you have that post on your sidebar so I can just visit anytime to read that one. 🙂 You’re the perfect person to come to for any help when it comes to blogging. I’m sure you get overwhelmed with questions ALL the time! lol. I hope that Monday has treated you well and that you catch up some much needed rest!! Take care of yourself!! ❤ ❤ XXXXX


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