Make-Up Brush Vs Sponge… What Works Best?

Brushes or Sponge, what works best? That was top of my beauty tool dilemmas for 2015. If I’m truthfully honest, for years I happily used my fingers to smooth & blend foundation, simply because I’d tried basic sponges in the past & wasn’t overly keen on any of them. However, considering that my skin has a tendency to break out during the dreaded monthly cycle, it soon became clear that applying make-up using my fingers seemed to be agitating the spots even more – oily skin combined with the natural oil of fingers is never a good combo for banishing the break-outs!

Thankfully as the beauty industry continues to boom with exciting new gadgets & tools, even the most amateur of cosmetic craver can master the art of buffing & blending to a seriously impressive level. But what works best for achieving that perfect airbrushed complexion? Aside from a fabulous foundation, the tools of the trade (aka a brush or sponge) in my opinion is equally as important. After all, every great a artist uses the best tools to create a masterpiece so why would it be any different when it comes to painting & enhancing our own features?

So by baring my naked face yet again, this weeks video concentrates on two of my essential make-up applicators: the Real Techniques Stippling brush versus the Miracle Complexion sponge. So if you’re sitting on the fence (like I was) pondering over which one to invest in then today’s chatter just might help you decide which is a better alternative for your face & pocket!

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Which do you prefer? Sponge or brush? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comment below. Thanks for watching!

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58 thoughts on “Make-Up Brush Vs Sponge… What Works Best?

  1. Love your perspective on both products! I personally use a combination of the two…I think my makeup routine is probably way to complicated…because if I solely use a brush to buff on my foundation I get a lot of microexfoliation and it ends up looking dry and flakey. So I used them both but when I apply makeup to others, I really pay attention to their skin type and choose from there. You have beautiful skin so both looked fab on you 🙂

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  2. Your face looks so flawless, I really like the effect the stippling brush gives you. I ordered some Real Techniques brushes recently (not the stippling brush) and now I’m just playing the waiting game until they arrive! Xx

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  3. I think it all just comes down to personal preference. I’ve noticed some foundations apply better with a brush and some apply better with a sponge. I admit I use my beauty blender the most but I love the real techniques expert face brush too.

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    • Very true – I must say I’ve had that experience too… one of my Rimmel foundations look awful applied by brush but works better with fingers. The sponge is so quick – I’m hoping to buy a new one soon, but this time I think I’ll check out the Beauty Blender instead 😉 XXX


  4. I find I don’t have a preference in terms of which finish I prefer and it depends on the foundation itself some work better with brushes, other with sponges and apply better with hands due to needing to input heat. It’s that and personal preference.

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    • Great feedback Gwen, you’re spot on with the foundations as recently I’ve been using the brush with a new foundation and the finish doesn’t look half as good compared to the sponge! I think for quickness I’m reaching more for the sponge these days, but still love the brush when it comes to taking my time 🙂 Thanks for stopping by XXXX

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    • It sure does, I love to reach for the brush when I’m going out but for quickness each morning my sponge seems to get used more 🙂 Thanks for your feedback, great to know what others think too!! XXxx


  5. Love your purple nails! The sponge is a dupe for the beauty blender. The beauty blender one is pricier, ugh. It should be free! These little sponges remind me of an Easter egg. You’re right, the sponge does cover the face quickly. The brush for the win! A softer look is always in favor. Enjoyed your video Karen!! P.s. You look great without makeup on!!! 🙂 xoxo

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    • Ahhh I know what you mean huni!! funnily I feel my brush absorbs more but I reckon it’s down to the foundation… like you say the products are a big influence as to the finish 🙂 Thanks for the great feedback!! XXXX

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  7. Great vid! I was brushes all the way until I discovered the Beauty Blender…now it’s pretty much all I use. I use brushes with thin or light coverage foundation but tend to prefer heavier coverage ones anyway.

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  8. This was such fun to watch, I always like seeing how other people use sponges and brushes because we all seem to have develop our own little techniques. I adore my orange RT egg and it is my preferred manner of application, I find it blends so well and leaves a better finish than my brushes (I just don’t seem to have gotten the hang of using my stippling brush, but seeing you do it I might give it another go).
    When in a hurry I still use my fingers though: rough application with the fingers and a quick bounce with the sponge to blend it in and you are ready to go!
    xx Anne –

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    • Thank you lovely lady!! So glad you enjoyed it, I have to say I’m with you on enjoying seeing other people using their makeup gadgets too 😀 I’m with you on the RT egg… it’s fantastic & sooooo quick!! It was you & Katie that got me hooked on the RT sponge hehe Best investment for foundation application. As for the brush, it’s actually really good too – you should definitely give it another go, when you get the hang of it you’ll like the finish huni 🙂
      Thanks soooo much for the feedback Anne (and of course for watching) – it’s so interesting to read others points of view on this 🙂 XXXXXX

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      • You know I love watching your vlogs, always brings a smile on my face.
        It is funny how we pick up little application habbits as well than you don’t really know about until you see other people apply stuff differently 🙂
        Hope you have a lovely weekend hun!

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      • Awh Anne ❤ You're such a sweetheart – that's made me smile so much 🙂 Yes, I agree with the little habits – and they can be quite hard to kick! Well, for me anyways lol
        Same with your fine self, all has been quiet here 😀 XXXX

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  10. You look amazing hun ❤
    I love the look of the brush, but the sponge looks great as well 🙂
    I used the sponge a few times but because it looked so dirty all the time, no matter what I did. I changed back to brushes, lol 😀

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