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 The Glitter Mirror

Hey Beauty Buddies…

Wow, what an eye opener reading your fabulous feedback on yesterday’s post ‘Make-Up Brush Vs Sponge… What Works Best?’ comparing notes on what beauty tools we personally adore & why has been quite an eye-opener! If you haven’t had the chance to catch up then pop over and join in on the chatter, we’d love to find out your thoughts too 🙂

Talking of chatter, I’ve yet another talented blog buddy joining me on the virtual sofa this morning as the gorgeous Anna from The Glitter Mirror (what a fabulous blog name!!) bestows us with a quick peek behind the scenes of her blossoming online haven. Prepare yourself for a blog crammed full of cosmetic craving beauty & fun loving lifestyle posts… if you’re not already a fan then get yourself over to check it out; I’m pretty sure you’ll adore it just as much as I do!

Sitting comfy? Then let’s take a quick trip Behind The Blog….

Anna Glitter Mirror

In only 5 words describe what readers can expect from your blog:

Five words?

Oh gosh…I can think of eighty!

Okay, here are the five: Makeup, Fashion, Personal Ramblings (that counts as two words I think) and Life.


What inspired you to start blogging?
I decided to start blogging because saw it as a fun way to express myself and talk about things that I like in a pretty, girly set-up!


Tell us about your blog name… what made you decide on it?

My blog originally started out as The Art Of Superficiality, but after some time I wanted to change it, because I didn’t want people thinking that my blog was ONLY about superficial things. I wanted to talk about some things that were more important.

So after awhile I switched my blog name to The Glitter Mirror, because I wanted my blog to be a blog that reflects the beauty that the world has to offer, and didn’t just focus on silly, superficial things.

Beauty is a deep thing.


Do you ever suffer from Blogger’s Block & if so how do you overcome it?

I hate Blogger’s Block with a vengeance. I really do.

I want to be able to blog every single day, about something or other–and I really sometimes do not care what I write about as long as I have something written.

But some days don’t want me to do that. In that case, I just tell myself “Bad day? Can’t blog? Okay, take a step back, don’t worry about it since you aren’t being paid for this. Just get on Pinterest, browse around, see if anything inspires you. If not, well then tomorrow is another day!”


What’s your favourite post to date?

My favorite post to date would have to be “My Take On Game Of Thrones Characters Even Though I know nothing.”
I just really let loose on this one, and stepped away from what I usually do on my blog and let my comedic humorous side take the wheel, and I had a blast and a good chuckle while writing it!


Describe your everyday clothes style:

 My everyday style would be what I call “Comfort is key” If I’m not comfortable in my clothes, then forget it. I won’t be wearing it.
This style usually takes two forms– I am either wearing yoga pants or skinny jeans and then either a graphic tee shirt or a knit sweater.

If it’s summer, then I usually wear denim shorts and a graphic tee.

I am so predictable.


What are your current top 3 beauty items?

#1 Maybelline Fit Me liquid foundation in Porcelain (that means super duper pale!)
#2 Maybelline Falsies Volum’ Express Mascara

#3 NYX Love In Paris eyeshadow palette


How do you like to relax & unwind after a stressful day?

I plug my earbuds into my phone, plug those into my ears and just pace around my room with a cup of tea and think about things.


Describe your ideal Saturday night:

My ideal Saturday would have to be staying in, wearing my comfy yoga leggings, drinking cocoa and eating pizza (or Chinese food if I can get it) while watching one of The Lord Of The Rings or The Hobbit or Harry Potter movies.

 I really don’t like going out at night. I’m afraid of the people who come out at night….


What do you do to relax?

I like to loaf around on my bed browsing Pinterest, WordPress, Youtube and Tumblr looking for some blogging material and inspiration.


Everyone has their bad habits, what’s yours?

I talk with a distinct ‘ California-valley girl-meets-Cornwall” accent when I am in an uncomfortable situation, and that tone is rather off-putting. I also bite my nails…


What’s your most cherished childhood memory?

I’d have to say cooking with my Grandma. She taught me how to bake apple pie and pecan pie. She would let me eat the crust dough raw too….that’s kind of gross, looking back.


What was your favourite school subject?

I took an entire course on Shakespeare in my Senior year of high school. I had to read like, 12 Shakespearean plays and take tests on them. I loved it, and am now a huge fan of Shakespeare and want to read the rest of his works.

What’s your dream job?

My dream job is to be a writer who is also a stay-at-home Mom.

I just want to be able to write children’s books as well as keep up on my blog and maybe have that gain some income while taking care of my kids. My Mom worked at home when I was a kid, and we are very close now, so I see working at home as a good thing, because you can learn more about your kids as they are growing up and play a more active part in their lives.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years I hope to be married, maybe have a little wee one, have my blog set up so that it brings in some income, and have a children’s book in the hands of a publishing company.

Dream big or go home.


What top 5 things are on your bucket list?

#1 Get married and have kids

#2 Have several dogs, some cats, a horse, and a bunny. Yes, a bunny. I like bunnies.

#3 Travel to the Caribbean and go island-hopping and snorkeling.

#4 Learn to surf!

#5 Have a laptop of my own.


What’s your biggest achievement to date?

I honestly feel like getting my blog up and running was my biggest achievement.
I set the whole thing up on my own and just went at the challenge head-first, and so far, I am very pleased with the results. I have also learned a little bit about setting  up a website and some basic coding! (Nerd Moment!)


Who inspires you?

The Youtuber FX makeup artist Mykie (her channel is Glam and Gore.) She recently won the NYX Face Awards. She is an amazing makeup artist, and I have learned so much about FX makeup from her videos. She’s just super out-there, loud, funny, and she knows her stuff about makeup!


Do you have a favourite inspirational quote?

I don’t know if this counts as an official inspirational quote, but it has a lot of meaning to me.


“It’s a dangerous business…going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” ~J.R.R Tolkien. The Lord Of The Rings; The Fellowship Of The Ring

I feel that way a lot of the time, as though I am setting out to do something, but may end up doing something else that was totally unexpected, because you never know where the road (or life) will take you.


What top tips would you give to someone who is thinking of starting their own blog?

I want to say “JUST DO IT”.

I learned that sometimes you do have to break away from what you were originally planning, but in the end, it is best to go with your gut instinct.

Write about what you love, don’t be scared to learn a thing or two along the way, ask for help if need be, but just take that leap and get started and see where you are led.



Tea or Coffee = Coffee, for sure!

Coke or Pepsi = Neither, because they’ll both make me sick.

Messy mayhem or Super Organised = My room is Messy Mayhem, but I crave Super Organized…

Cute kitten or Playful puppy = Kitten

Night In or Night Out = Night In

Heels or Flats = Heels

Lip Stick or Lip Gloss = Lipstick

Rock Chick or Pop Princess = Pop Princess

Paperback or E-book =  paperback–you can’t beat the actual physical feeling of turning a page!

pink heart

Contact Anna

Business Email: (for possible collaborations or shop reviews)

My Blog:

NOTE: (YouTube still has my old username but apparently I can’t change that. However when you search for my channel on YouTube it will come up if you search The Glitter Mirror)




Don’t forget: If you would like your blog featured on Behind The Blog then get in touch via the contact page by clicking *here*, I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for reading & of course do say hi in the comments below… we adore a good chatter here on Confetti & Curves  🙂

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    • So welcome Anna 🙂 It was lovely getting to know you & your blog so much better!! Don’t forget to share a link with your readers too so they can check out your interview lovely ❤

      Ps: Amazing inspirational quote 😀 XXXX

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