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If you’re a regular reader of Confetti & Curves you’ll have probably already feasted your peepers upon Mondays post highlighting When To Trash Your Stash to avoid harbouring unwelcome nasties that can lurk inside our beloved cosmetic collections. However as most of us know only too well it aint just gloopy glosses and manky mascara’s that pose a risk… keeping our trusty beauty tools squeaky clean is vital to blitzing a bacterial outburst too.

B Make Up Brush Cleanser 1

Brushes hoarding a cocktail of grimey leftovers is a disaster in the making so this weeks chatter is a first impression testing out the much talked about B. Makeup Brush Cleaner. Can it really live up to its brand reputation when I put it to the test on a variety of my grimiest of beloved beauty tools? I guess you’ll just have to press play to find out ladies 😉 Get yourself comfy & hope you enjoy the road test!

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How often do you clean your beauty tools? What’s your favourite cleanser? Are you a baby-shampoo fan like myself or are you hoarding a revolutionary recommendation you’d care to share? Whatever your thoughts do let us know in the comments below, or simply stop by to say a quick hello – always a treat hearing from you lovely lot!

As always, thanks so much for watching ❤

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33 thoughts on “B. Makeup Brush Cleanser…

    • That’s the one I’d love to try next Annie – I’ve read brilliant things about it so it’s top of my list to trial huni 😉 Glad you mentioned it to remind me!!!!! Haven’t heard of Dr Bronner but will defo check it out lovely lady XXXXXX


  1. I like your little makeup brushes. I actually don’t clean my brushes, whoops! I think I did in the way beginning when the I first had brushes and just used water, but I like your brush cleaner. You can keep the paper towel with the makeup residue and frame it, voila art, hahaha 😀 xo

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  2. I bought the Make Up Revolution brush shampoo along with their little rubber gizmo to help clean my brushes and it makes such a difference. I also bought the B. one but I haven’t used it yet, though after watching your video I might just use it for less intensive cleans on eye shadow brushes rather than deep cleanses!

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    • Honestly huni I think that is exactly what it’s going to work best for!! Don’t get me wrong it’s a great product but not for a good deep clean! I’m still using up a bottle of baby shampoo (which I love so much for brush cleaning) but really need to get one of those little rubber gadgets! How are you finding the MUR shampoo? Do you like it? Does it have a smell to it? I’m a crazy lady for a great smell lol XXXXX


  3. When I do get around to cleaning my brushes lol I use the Johnson’s baby shampoo as well. The brush spray seems like it would be great for daily maintenance but not so much for product building up over time. I might have to invest in a product like this because it would be great to sanitize brushes after each use. Thank you for the demo! I hope you’re having a great week! 🙂 XXXXXXX

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    • Isn’t the Johnsons fab? I just adore the smell of it soooooo much Katie 😀 You’re exactly spot on – great for light wear and keeping them clean every day but if the brushes have a major amount of build up then I don’t think its overly effective. Yep, defo one for you as it helps to keep your brushes clean but without going through the hassle of washing them huni 🙂 So welcome lovely – thank YOU for watching ❤ Hope you're having as super as week and you can be – and of course getting more rest XXXXXXX

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  5. Thanks so much for making this video Karen! I’ve hummed and hawed over buying this for ages and thanks to you I think I’m going to buy this and use it as a daily cleaner for my eyeshadow brushes in particular. Thanks again!

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    • Hey Emma so lovely to hear from you huni!!!! Happy new year to you, hope you’re keeping as well as can be lovely 🙂
      You’re so welcome, thank YOU for watching it! I have to say it’s brilliant for eyeshadow brushes… keeps them lovely and clean as well as sanitised from any nasties!
      Thanks so much for stopping by huni, must get over to Toast O’Clock very soon for a good old catch up 😀 *hugs* XXXXXX


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