HUGE Makeup Revolution Haul…

All I can start off by saying is: my poor postman….

After waiting a good few weeks on my delayed parcel containing all things pretty from Makeup Revolution, it FINALLY made it’s way to my doorstep *happy sigh* Considering that my post usually consists of junk mail and bills, when a rather chunky package (with glorious cosmetic branding) presents itself there’s very little anyone can do to distract me until I rip open the packaging and inspect the contents… okay,well, I may be *slightly* delayed by the desire to pop some of the bubble-wrap. Let’s be honest, age knows no boundaries when it comes to bursting bubble-wrapping ladies!

However, whilst my postman potentially googles what body armour he should consider wearing for my next delivery, I thought we could open this fun little online haul together. Of course seeing as it’s been a while since I placed my order I’ll be every bit as clueless as you are in wondering what specific little specimens lurk inside.

pink heart

Sound like fun? Then grab your cuppa and join me for a 10 minute chatter as we take a peek at what the postman’s brought this week 😉

Cheerio Chums…

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45 thoughts on “HUGE Makeup Revolution Haul…

  1. All of these items look so lovely, your taste in makeup is fab Karen! Those purple eyeshadows will look stunning on you and I’m so glad you’ve found some that seem to be decently pigmented 🙂 What nail polish are you wearing, it’s pretty? Also I love your jumper ❤ xx

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    • Awwh Chanelle you’re such a sweetheart – thank you so much!!! Fingers crossed the purples look just as good on the lids as they did on the swatch 😀 Oooh my nail polish is the Champeys Wisteria, it’s lovely – though alot more lilac in real life 😉 I’m loving cosy jumpes right now and navy seems to be my fav colour for them oddly enough lol Thanks soooo much for watching and all the lovely compliments huni ❤ XXX

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  2. This was so much fun to watch, your excitement splashed across the screen.
    Also secretly glad you struggle with the packaging as well, those boxes are though.
    Loving the colors of all the lip products you picked up.
    The foundation looks a bit like that famous mac face and body foundation everyone was raving about a few years back. Will be fun to see how that works.
    xo Anne

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    • lol thank you chummy – I was literally bursting with excitement, felt like Christmas all over again!! 😀 Aren’t the boxes madness?? Like a work-out trying to get into the blasted things! lol
      Oh really? I missed out on the trend – was clearly caught up in my Rimmel 24 hr at the time to notice anything else lol hmm, shall give it a go but I’m not sure about it – sounds very runny :-/


  3. Your hair and makeup look radiant in this video! They do in your others too! I can picture you lunging at the postman haha. That velour lip creme looks gorgeous!!! The iconic pro lipstick looks similar to the mac packaging. The little bullet. When you say 2 pounds, is that equivalent to $2.00 American? That baked eyeshadow looks so cool. You got some great goodies! Enjoy 🙂 xoxo

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    • Thanks so much Leah 🙂 Don’t they look awesome huni?! Can’t wait to try them hehe
      No I mean stirling as opposed to Dollars… not sure what the conversion rate is but I’m guessing £2 = $3 approx?!
      Thanks again lovely 😀 Will keep you posted on how I get on with them all ❤ Hope you're having a fab day XXxxx

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  4. You grabbed his package eh? 😉 😉 Lol! I didn’t miss that one! I love a bit of make-up revolution. They are such a bargain and their basic palettes for £4 are brilliant, I love the matte one’s especially. Great day to day shadows and I always use them for filling in my eyebrows. I’ve moved on to a new favourite brand for palettes, have you tried Zoeva? I totally recommend them, their palettes are so well put together, but as far as I know you can only get them online via the likes of beauty bay and I get seriously excited about these arriving in the post. . Here’s a wee link if you’re interested ––1/Npp-24
    Once again, always nice to hear the accent 🙂

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    • Haaaaaa – I should’ve guessed you’d have picked up on that misses!!!! lol lol They really are an amazing brand – super affordable and the colour payoff is incredible!!
      Nooo I’ve never tried Zoeva before – though I’ve heard awesome things about them 😉 Must check them out on payday!!!!! Sounds like they’ve bumped themselves up to the top of the wishlist already lol Awwwh thank you sooooo much for the link – you’re a wee gem! XXXXXXXX

      Ps: Thanks so much as always huni, always super supportive & so glad you enjoy the accent more than I do lol XXX

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  5. I love your videos, Karen …as much as I adore your accent ❤

    I am yet to try Revolution products, so I might just have to order in some! That poor postman, eh!

    I hope you have a wonderful week, my friend. The weekend is near… very near! 😀

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  8. Lots and lots of goodies! Your eye makeup is lovely in this video by the way, love those shades!
    Who doesn’t love a package arriving in the post, I know I do! And my dog too, he just really likes the postlady. I like to think I’m spending my money for his benefit.
    And yes, definitely consider a monthly subscription box! I got one for a few months and loved the surprise of opening the box every few months. Great for finding things for yourself and things you get in them that you don’t think you’ll use can make great presents for others xD

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    • Wasn’t it just Emma, I was super surprised at just how little this stash came to huni!!! And it’s SUCH agood quality range too – honestly, I’m deeelighted hehe
      Oh I’m shocking for getting over excited at stuff arriving lol I think a sub box would do me the world of good 😀 Like you say it would also help introduce me to stuff I probably wouldn’t normally try out or may even overlook! What a fab tip re keeping them for pressies!!!! Shall bear that in mind huni 😉
      Hope you’re having a lovely weekend chum XXXXXXX

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      • It’s always nice when you can find a cheap range that also has quality products. Well, I’m definitely going to keep Makeup Revolution in mind – seriously, shopping for my sisters has become so much easier since I started reading your blog 😀

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      • It really is Emma, kinda showing me that you don’t need to spend silly money to enjoy great cosmetics huni 🙂 I think your sisters would love it!!! Haaa that’s brill news… at least my posts are getting good use, just hope they have my tastes lol lol XXXXX

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    • Awwh Lauren that’s so lovely huni 🙂 Thank you so much, you’ve made my day!!! You really should give them a go, they’re a fab brand and the quality is excellent!!! Highly recommended huni 🙂 Thanks again for stopping by and leaving such a lovely compliment for me to read ❤ XXXX

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