The Dance Festival…

I know, I know, not a lipstick swatch or mascara wand in sight today – which I must say is very unusual for a beauty blogger HOWEVER as you’s all know from time to time I love to share little snippets of my personal with with y’all considering so many of you have become great blog buddies and just darn right lovely people to write to. Not to mention the fact that I’m far too excited, chuffed, thrilled and proud not to pay homage to what happened last weekend.

So for those of you who aren’t already filled in on the latest shenanigans, my little girl Emma enrolled in a local Irish dancing class last September and needless to say has absolutely adored every moment of it. To be honest I was a bit sceptical a few years ago as to how her health would progress after being diagnosed with Scoliosis (double curve in her spin) Of course being a feisty little Irish lady she hasn’t by any means let it get the better of her and although from time to time she does feel winces of discomfort from it on the whole she’s enjoying life to the full and seemingly winning trophies and medals for her efforts in dancing along the way. So, today my amigos I’ve compiled a little snippet of her very first dance festival that was held on Saturday. There’s also some bonus footage of her dance adjudicator (who’s a pro from Lord of The Dance) at the end of the video for y’all to feast your peepers upon too. How quick is his legs?!?! He’s like lightening!

Emma and Connor

As always I’ll be back once again with my usual beauty uploads next week but for today why not take a few minutes to check out Emma’s first Irish dancing performance and show her some love by leaving a little howdy in the comments below. She’s love to hear from y’all. Hope you enjoy it guys!

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Cheerio Chums…

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10 thoughts on “The Dance Festival…

  1. What a little star your daughter is, you must be so proud and well done her on not letting her condition hold her back. Growing up with lots of friends who did Irish dancing I know how hard it is. I hope she keeps it up.

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    • Thank you so much huni, that’s such a lovely comment to read!!! I really am a proud mamma, she’s done so well and although not a ‘competitive’ child by nature it’s so lovely to see her really enjoying it so much and doing so well 🙂 Keeping fingers crossed she keeps it up too as she’s such a lovely wee dancer! Thanks again huni for your kind words – very much appreciated ❤ XXXXX

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