10 Tips For Blogging on A Busy Schedule…

Tips For Blogging On A Busy Schedule

As summer rolls to an end, many bloggers prepare to pack their bags for the classroom whilst the rest of us battle furiously with busy work schedules *sigh* In the midst of all this chaos being able to repetitively maintain a regular blog schedule can induce a few premature grey follicles (or) the increased consumption of nerve shattering caffeine/vino/energy drinks *delete as appropriate folks*. Trying to keep up with work commitments or a full time education whilst blogging can ultimately end up draining the life and soul clean out of you…. however, I bring tidings of joy in saying you can make it work & even mildly enjoyable in the process *gasp*

Naturally (as a responsible parent) schooling & work gotta come 1st. But fear not; for those of you searching for a resolution that doesn’t involve spending a fortune on hair dye or midnight trips to the coffee cupboard, here’s a few handy tips on how…

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10 thoughts on “10 Tips For Blogging on A Busy Schedule…

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  2. Thank you so much Karen 😊 Those were super helpful for me. Ever since college started, it has been very difficult for me to write blog posts 😳 especially when I have lots of exams and assignments to do. I will try to write during breaktime or when I am on the way to college. 😀💖

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    • Aww you’re so welcome Carrie – of course it’s all about doing what you can, when you can (as long as you enjoy it) never put any pressure on yourself as you’ll get so frustrated and fed up – well, if you’re anything like me you will lol lol
      Hope you get a great balance of your blogging schedule that keeps you happy 🙂 XXXX

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